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“Big Dripper” Chimney Crown & Cap Combo

Traditional concrete chimney crowns are poured into place at the top of the chimney to protect everything up there while allowing the flue opening to extend and channel smoke. Crowns tend to crack with age or due to various events, and rebuilding them can be costly.

Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH, provides both chimney crown repair and crown rebuilding for our customers in Franklin NH, New Hampton NH, Northfield NH, Meredith NH, and other Lakes Region communities. But there’s an even better solution.

custom chimney cap install in Gilmanton NH

Big Dripper”-Style Chimney Crown/Caps

Your chimney crown and chimney cap are both critical to preserving the safety and functionality of your chimney. As noted, the crown covers the entire chimney opening except for the flue pipe(s). A proper chimney cap then covers everything to shield the crown and the flue from infiltrating water.

This isn’t a bad arrangement, but when damage is severe to either the crown or the cap, we recommend installing our custom chimney caps.

These devices are made of long-lasting stainless steel or copper and are designed to look quite elegant at the top of your chimney. More importantly, they include the functions of both a full-width chimney cap and a secure chimney crown – all in one device while carrying a maintenance free lifetime warranty.


Big dripper crown/cap combo units give you several very important advantages:

  • A drip edge extends several inches out from the widest part of the chimney to channel water away from the masonry chimney walls.
  • Chimney flashing at the base of the exterior chimney also is shielded.
  • Stainless steel is a very durable material that will outlast any “standard” concrete chimney crown.
  • Sturdy mesh sides on the combo unit allow for easy ventilation of smoke from the flue while preventing outside debris from getting in.
  • The contained design is perfect to keep sparks and fiery embers from popping out of the flue during a fire and landing on your roof or in your yard.
  • The solid covering is a great method for preventing outside air from blowing down into your chimney and into your home.
  • Even the craziest rain storms will not send water into your flue; rather, the water will hit the angled top of the unit and simply drain away.
  • Unlike traditional masonry crowns that require regular upkeep, these are maintenance free.
  • Lifetime warranty

Chimney Cap Install, Loudon NH

When to Install

Before any modifications or work is done to a chimney structure, the first step should be a thorough chimney inspection by a licensed, certified technician. Only then will we be able to tell exactly what kind of damage we’re looking at, what caused it, what else has been affected, and what needs to be done about it.

Minor concrete chimney crown issues can often be solved with basic repair and the application of a water sealant. Minor chimney cap problems can be solved with a basic approach.

However, when the crown is partially or completely deteriorated or the chimney cap is severely damaged, rusted or otherwise compromised, it may be in your best interests to bring in the big dripper crown/cap combo unit.

Our expert chimney professionals will safely and correctly install the new device to give you many, many years of hassle-free, maintenance-free operation.

Fire N’ Stone is a family-operated business that does all chimney repair, cleaning, installation and inspection work ourselves – we never subcontract any part of any project.

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