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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplaces, especially in cold-weather states like New Hampshire, tend to get a lot of use and attention. Why not enhance the visual appeal of your fireplace and hearth area with some useful and eye-catching accessories?

The Fire N’ Stone hearth store in Tilton, NH, has everything you need to add beauty and functionality to your fireplace area. Here are some possibilities.

fireplace tool set for sale in Holderness NH

Fireplace Tool Sets

Select a set of beautiful and functional fireplace tools that includes a brush, poker, shovel and tongs all in a convenient stand. These tools come in handy when tending to and maintaining your fire, plus they look great.

Hearth Pads

Some area safety codes require floor protection for certain types of heating appliances. Hearth pads protect the floor under and near these appliances and there are a variety of colors, sizes and shapes available.

Glass Fireplace Doors

A set of lovely fireplace doors closes off the firebox when your fireplace isn’t in use, preventing drafts running into or out of your home. But whether open or closed, glass fireplace doors look wonderful and give the entire hearth area instant appeal.

Fireplace Mantels

A stately mantel above your fireplace is the perfect finishing touch to your hearth-area design. Mantels are available in many decorative styles, finishes and sizes and are ideal for holding portraits, floral arrangements, antiques, seasonal items, clocks and so much more.

Log Holders

A sturdy log holder is an easy way to store the logs you’ll be needing for a long (or short) evening.

Ash Buckets

Safety is paramount when cleaning ashes out of your firebox. Our heavy-duty ash buckets are the perfect receptacle for ashes, wood chips and other debris.

Hearth Rugs

We carry a very wide selection of hearth rugs to add even more beauty and elegance to the area surrounding your fireplace.

Other Fireplace Accessories

In addition to the above, Fire N’ Stone carries a variety of hearth kettles, trivets, glass cleaning supplies, fans and blowers, remote control devices and much more.

custom fireplace surround Gilmanton NH

Custom-Built Surrounds

A more dramatic and noticeable way to enhance the appearance of your hearth area is with a custom fireplace surround. Our expert masons can build an attractive surround from brick, stone and other materials that covers the entire wall or just parts of it.

Fireplace surrounds literally transform room and make the fireplace the unquestioned centerpiece. Surrounds can be built with a variety of options, and we’ll tell you about all of them to make sure you end up with the exact look and functionality you desire.

More than Accessories

Along with a full line of fireplace accessories, we offer a wide selection of prefab fireplaces, fireplace inserts and heating stoves. You can find the ideal gas or wood fireplace to install in your home and bring you comforting heat during our cold New Hampshire winters.

Visit Fire N’ Stone today at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton, and let our helpful staff answer your questions and show you everything you need to make your hearth area spectacular.

We serve Gilmanton NH, Belmont NH, Loudon NH, Concord NH and all other Lakes Region communities. Speak with a hearth expert by calling (603) 293-4040.