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Let our experienced masonry team at Fire N' Stone, LLC give you the look you have been searching for. We can add stone to just about anything you desire on the interior or exterior of your home. Our team will give you the best look and finish on your new stone and make you the envy of all of your friends and family.

Outdoor fireplace renovation in alton nh

You may be wondering why somebody would put a fireplace outdoors – surely no one expects to heat all the air in the backyard. When it comes to supplying a little warmth on chilly evenings, outdoor fireplaces definitely can meet that task. But an outdoor fireplace is about a lot more than function; it’s about outdoor design and ambiance as well as heat. We build and install custom outdoor fireplaces that instantly raise the beauty of your outdoor living spaces to a whole new level. The great thing about these outdoor appliances is, they can be as big, wide and tall as you desire and they can be built in a variety of handsome design applications.

backyard fire pit installation in center harbor nh

Many years ago, people used fire in the outdoors to keep warm. Today, we’re warmed by outdoor fires, but we also enjoy a fire’s beauty and luxury, especially when the fire is coming from a custom-built stone fire pit. Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH, can build you a lovely fire pit to complement your backyard living area. The pit can be any size you desire, and can be fueled by real wood logs or natural gas (or propane).

outdoor grills for sale in Tilton NH

Those of us who call New Hampshire home don’t enjoy year-round mild seasons like folks in some other parts of the country. But when the nice weather does finally roll around, we sure know how to take advantage of it. And outdoor grilling and cooking is the center of many of our activities. We can help you select the perfect outdoor grill system for your backyard events or off-site cookouts. You can see some amazing models in our 3,400-square-foot showroom and get all the help you need in understanding the different sizes, specs and technologies available in today’s backyard grills.

outdoor custom kitchens in Franklin Nh

Sometimes, a simple portable barbecue unit is enough to whip up a quick meal outdoors and feed the family and a few friends. Other times, your plans are bigger and more ambitious, and you need more than a simple grill – somebody to transport your indoor kitchen out to the backyard. That would be ideal. But since it’s unlikely to happen, consider an option that’s every bit as good: A new, custom-built, custom-designed outdoor kitchen with everything you need for every kind of backyard event you could imagine.

Years Of Experience In Masonry

We work with only the best products available to ensure a quality and long lasting finished product that you and your family can enjoy for many years. There are many different styles of stone to choose from. The 3 most commonly used are fieldstone, ledgestone, and cobblestone. Once you select the type and style you still have a choice of many different colors to choose from to help your stone stand out from the rest.