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Gas Log Sets for Your Fireplace

Do you find that you don’t use your big masonry fireplace all that often because of the time and labor involved? Is the visual appearance of a fire more important to you than supplemental heating? Would you like to upgrade your masonry fireplace without spending a ton of money?

A yes answer to these and similar questions lead to one solution: gas logs.

gas log sets in Northfield NH

What Are Gas Logs?

Gas logs are made of a synthetic material to amazingly resemble real wood varieties such as walnut, oak, pine and birch. The details are amazing – right down to the bark patterns and irregularities found in authentic harvested wood.

A gas log set is powered by natural gas or propane that runs into the firebox of your existing masonry fireplace. You can choose different log sizes, styles and textures to truly customize the appearance within your firebox.

Vented Gas Logs

Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH, offers a fine selection of vented gas logs in our showroom located at 539 Laconia Rd. “Vented” means there must be an open vent (damper).

While the draft from your gas logs will rise up through your existing flue, you’ll have none of the major chimney sweeping and cleaning that’s always required when burning real wood logs.

Gas is a very clean-burning fuel and leaves little residue. Vented gas logs are simple to maintain – just clean them off periodically according to the manufacturer’s directions and have the logs and gas lines inspected once a year to ensure safe continued operation.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

One of the most common complaints from people who use wood-burning masonry fireplaces is that there’s too much work involved. The homeowner has to purchase or chop wood, haul it, store it and load it regularly into the firebox. Wood chips, embers and ash must be cleaned all the time.

For a wood fireplace to run safely, built-up creosote must be removed by a certified chimney sweep, ideally once a year. Left alone, creosote can easily cause a chimney fire.

Masonry fireplaces require stringent annual inspections during which the technician looks for damage to the firebox, the chimney masonry and the system’s numerous components.

With gas logs, you bypass all this time-consuming (and money-consuming) effort. Your fires will start immediately with a switch or a remote, and they’ll extinguish just as quickly. All you have to do is control the flame level and then sit back and enjoy your fireplace in comfort.

gas log install in Holderness NH

Gas Log: Sales & Installation

Pay us a visit in Tilton to check out some lovely gas log sets and learn more about these decorative enhancements. We’ll answer all your questions, help you find the perfect set, and even service your new gas logs.


Our fireplace installation team is always available to properly install and hook up your new gas logs in accordance with all of the local fire-safety and building codes. Our technicians are highly trained gas-certified professionals.

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