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Wood Stoves

Today’s wood heating stoves are high-performing appliances that bring plenty of heat and unmatched elegance to any home. Have you been thinking about switching to a stove for your supplemental heating? Or maybe its time to replace your existing inefficient stove. Here are some reasons many folks throughout New Hampshire are thinking the same way.

Wood-burning Stoves install Plymouth NH

Wood Stove Design

Wood stoves from leading manufacturers such as Osburn, Napoleon, Regency, True North and Ventis come in a range of stunning designs, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Wood stoves are more than just heating appliances – they’re design accents that will enhance a room’s décor and offer a pleasing visual all year long, whether in use or not.

Placement Versatility

A traditional fireplace has to sit wherever it was built. A new wood stove can be placed just about anywhere in your home. All that’s required is a ceiling or exterior wall through which to run your new insulated chimney system to vent your new stove.

You also can vent your stove through an existing chimney. If you choose this option, we’ll still use the stove’s own vent system and won’t have to make major modifications to your chimney as long as the liner is in usable condition. If your vent system is not in usable condition we can install a new chimney liner.

Heating Performance

Wood stoves bring on the heat. Models are available that will easily heat rooms of 2,000 square feet and even larger. Advanced burn technology ensures the most efficient use of your logs, meaning you’ll get more heat out of every fire and spend less money heating your home.

When you visit our showroom, our staff will help you determine which model and style will meet your specific heating requirements. We’re familiar with every one of our products and can answer all your questions.

Perfectly Sized for Zone Heating

Modern wood stoves are perfect for other rooms in your home including the kitchen, bedrooms, family rooms & even bathrooms.

Because of a range of available sizes and heat outputs, you’ll be able to bring needed warmth into designated spaces without having to crank up your home’s central heat around the clock.

Wood Stove zone heating, Loudon NH

Power Outages not a Problem

Should your electric power or gas lines shut down during a major storm, your wood stove will keep going strong to keep you warm until somebody at the utility company figures out how to get things running again.

People have been heating with wood since long before there was electricity and natural gas. It was smart then, and it’s smart now.

Wood Heating Stove Installation


After you select the perfect wood stove model from our showroom, our licensed technicians will install your new appliance correctly, safely and in compliance with all local building and fire-safety codes. We also offer wood stove cleaning anytime you may need it.

When installation is complete, we’ll get your stove going and walk you through the details you need to know about operation and maintenance. When we leave, you’ll almost be a stove expert yourself!

If it’s time to bring home a powerful new wood free-standing stove, Fire N’ Stone has the perfect model for you in our 3,400-square-foot showroom located at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton. Pay us a visit, or reach us by phone at (603) 293-4040.

We serve the Lakes Region of New Hampshire including Alton NH, Wolfeboro NH, Gilford NH, Laconia NH, and other local cities and towns.