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Real Estate Chimney Inspection

You may have heard the term “real estate chimney inspection” or “real estate video inspection” and wondered exactly what it is. An inspection of a chimney system that’s performed during the sale of a property falls under the category of Level 2 chimney inspections, as outlined by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We recommend any customer to schedule a level 2 chimney inspection at least once a year.

level 2 real estate chimney inspection in Plymouth NHWhat Happens During a Level 2 Real Estate Chimney Inspection

A Level 2 inspection is more involved than the basic Level 1 inspection. On the other hand, it’s not as intrusive as a Level 3 inspection, which is called for when major damage exists in hard-to-access areas of the chimney system.

Video imaging technology is one of the key elements of a real estate chimney inspection. We use special cameras that allow us to see the entire interior of the flue and quickly detect signs of damage.

This knowledge is critical because flue damage often goes unchecked for long periods of time, during which the problem worsens to the point that the homeowner may be looking at system-wide deterioration of the chimney liner and masonry as well as the destruction of adjacent home building materials and in the worst-case, a devastating chimney fire.

When our trained chimney technicians perform a chimney inspection, we check all visible areas of your chimney’s structure and its components along with the flue and liner.

Findings during Level 2 Inspections

Problems we often spot during real estate chimney inspections include:

  • Damaged chimney liner due to a chimney fire or acidic gases and compounds
  • Dangerous buildup of flammable creosote within the flue
  • Obstructions (tree debris; small animals nests) in the flue that will hinder the drafting of smoke
  • Cracks or decay in the interior/exterior bricks and mortar
  • A rusted or damaged chimney chase cover
  • Damage to the chimney crown and chimney flashing
  • Rusted or inoperable fireplace damper
  • Signs of water moving into the system because of a leak

These and other chimney problems usually start small and get worse as time goes on. When you’re selling your home or looking at one to buy, you need to be aware of any level of damage to the chimney before completing the transaction.

Hire only Professionals for Real Estate Video Inspections

General home inspectors and other individuals in the real estate industry may be tasked with performing chimney inspections. There’s nothing wrong with having these people take a look at your chimney or the chimney in the house you want to buy. But always rely on certified, licensed chimney experts for the bottom-line inspection.

real estate chimney inspection

The Fire N’ Stone crew has many years of hands-on experience and training in chimney venting systems, structural issues, and fire safety. We’re here to accurately assess and report to you on the condition of a chimney in a home you’re selling or buying.

When we perform chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney repairs and custom stone hearth-area renovations, we do all the work. We never subcontract jobs or parts of jobs to any other company or individual.

Are you buying or selling a home and want to have a comprehensive report on the condition of the chimney and fireplace? Call a certified chimney professional at Fire N’ Stone today at (603) 293-4040.