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Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Have you been looking for an alternative to your current open masonry fireplace? Does it seem to never bring you enough heat? Are you tired of the mess and hassle of fueling and cleaning up after your masonry fireplace?

Your solution may be a powerful pellet fireplace insert. Here’s how inserts work.

pellet fireplace insert Northfield NH

Fireplace Inserts 101

Inserts are factory-built in various sizes to fit right into the firebox of your existing masonry fireplace. They’re complete systems that are heavily insulated for safety and come in many attractive design styles.

Today’s inserts are made by some of the most respected names in the hearth industry such as Regency, Osburn, Ravelli and True North.

Pellet Insert Heating vs. Wood in a Traditional Fireplace

As beautiful as some masonry fireplaces are, they run on an open system that does a poor job of retaining the heat they produce. Pellet inserts run on a closed system, which preserves a high percentage of the heat it produces and makes it available to your room rather than going up the chimney.

Pellet fireplace inserts are available with a range of BTU outputs and are ideal for bringing consistent heat to both larger and smaller rooms.

Hands-Off Operation

Your wood fireplace requires that you haul and store logs and then bring them into the house and feed them regularly into the firebox. A lot of time is involved, and there’s the mess of wood chips, bark shavings and possibly small insects to contend with.

Pellets are sold in bags, and you feed the fuel into a hopper (container) that automatically adds the pellets to the fire at a prescribed rate. This is a very clean and simple operation with very little extra work on your part. Our techs at Fire N’ Stone can even clean your pellet stove so you don’t have to.

Additionally, you can add a handheld or wall thermostat so you can effortlessly control the level of heat in your room.

Transform Your Fireplace

A new pellet-burning fireplace insert is not only a powerful heat producer that’s easy to operate and maintain, but it’s also an elegant amenity that will enhance the beauty of any room.

During the cold season, your insert will offer magnificent firebox views of leaping flames; in the off-season, your insert will transform your fireplace into a fine centerpiece that adds luxury and decorative flair to your home.

pellet fireplace insert installation in Tilton NH

Choosing the Right Appliance

When you visit the Fire N’ Stone showroom in Tilton, NH, you’ll be able to see some insert models in action. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and direct you to the models that would best meet your heating needs and aesthetic requirements.

Include a Fireplace Remodel with Your New Insert

Once your new fireplace insert is selected, let us remodel your fireplace surround to give it that updated new look you have wanted.

At Fire N’ Stone we offer an array of options to make your dream fireplace a reality. From custom stone work and mantels, to stone hearths. You show us a picture and we will make it happen.

Let our highly skilled experience team make your hearth and stone dreams a reality!

Pellet Insert Installation


Our installation team brings 10+ years’ experience to every job and will install your new insert correctly, adhering to all local fire safety and building codes.

Once it’s set up, your technician will get the appliance running and walk you through exactly what you need to know to operate and take care of your new insert.

Pay us a visit at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton, or speak with a fireplace insert expert at (603) 293-4040.

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