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Are you looking for a source of reliable supplemental heat for your home? Do you want to upgrade from a low-performing masonry fireplace or older prebuilt or builder-grade fireplace? Or maybe you have an existing stove that is dated and inefficient. A new wood, gas, pellet or electric stove may be your perfect solution.

Heating stoves by leading manufacturers such as Osburn, Napoleon, Regency, True North, Ventis, Kozy Heat, Solas Fires, Revelli and Dimplex bring you efficient heating, amazing beauty and ultimate safety. What’s the best fuel for your stove? You have several options, and you can see them all at the Fire N’ Stone showroom at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton, NH. Until then, here are some specs.

wood heating stove install, alton nh

Wood stoves are available in a range of BTU outputs and sizes, so you’ll find it easy to bring home the ideal unit for your heating needs. Wood stoves operate with no power so they will keep you warm even when the power is out.

Top-name wood heating stoves are designed not only for high heat performance but also for unmatched elegance that will perfectly accent any home décor with gorgeous finishes, colors, shapes and design details.


gas heating stove install, meredith nh

For simple operation, a new gas stove is an excellent choice. Get your fires going and extinguished with a switch or remote, and easily adjust the temperature to what’s just right for you. Gas stoves use an electronic ignition with a battery backup so they will continue to keep you warm even when the power is out.

Whether you use natural gas or propane, modern gas stoves are lovely additions to the homes of people who don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining their appliances. A simple call to Fire N’ Stone once a year is all the maintenance needed.

pellet heating stove installation in franklin nh

Freestanding pellet stoves produce real wood flames with small pellets made from wood-based ingredients. An attached hopper feeds the fuel into the stove at the prescribed rate.

Pellet stoves are convenient and simple to operate and come in models perfect for large or small rooms. Many fantastic design styles are available.

electric stoves, Belmont Nh

If you want the simplest heating unit with zero maintenance, go with one of our powerful electric stoves. Made to look very much like their wood, pellet and gas counterparts, electric stoves are both lovely and efficient.

They’re great for zone heating in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Installing your new electric stove means setting it down and plugging it in. It’s that easy

Factory Trained, Certified, and Licensed Installation

pellet stove install in Wolfeboro nh

When you select a new wood, gas or pellet heating stove, the Fire N’ Stone team of experienced installers is ready to set it up for you. We bring 10+ years of hands-on experience in stove installation throughout the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

After your stove is installed correctly and in accord with all local fire safety and building codes, we’ll walk you through its operation so you’ll know exactly how to use and maintain it.

Shopping for Your New Stove


Visit our 3,400-square-foot showroom at the address listed above, and let our associates help you sort through the options and specs of the most beautiful heating stoves available anywhere. We’ll answer all your questions and suggest the models that would best meet your heating needs and aesthetic requirements.

Fire N’ Stone serves customers throughout New Hampshire’s Lakes Region including Franklin NH, New Hampton NH, Northfield NH, Meredith NH, and all other communities. Speak with a stove and fireplaces expert today at (603) 293-4040.