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Wood Fireplace Inserts

Are you having trouble keeping your New Hampshire home warm and cozy with your masonry fireplace? Traditional masonry fireplaces can look great, but they’re not known as the greatest heat producers. There are solutions, however!

The solution is a new wood-burning fireplace insert from Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH. You’ll still be using the same beautiful fireplace, only with one big difference. Actually, several big differences.

fireplace insert installation Gilmanton NH

What Is a Wood Fireplace Insert?

A wood-burning insert, like its name implies, is a prebuilt heating appliance that is inserted right into the firebox of a masonry fireplace. It’s like a fireplace in a box that maintains the ambiance you’ve come to love with your existing fireplace while bringing you significantly more heat and burn-efficiency.

Why Inserts Are Superior Heating Units

Fireplace inserts operate with a closed system, unlike traditional masonry fireplaces, which run with an open system. For this reason, wood-burning inserts retain a large percentage of the heat they produce rather than sending it up the chimney.


Most open masonry fireplaces are negative efficiency and preserve none of the heat created by their logs as it escapes up the chimney as the fire wanes. The heat is gone – but you paid for it, so that’s not good. Wood fireplace inserts retain as much as 80% and more of their heat and send it to you in your home. That’s heat worth paying for.

Elegance and Beauty

Today’s leading insert manufacturers such as Osburn, Napoleon, Regency, True North and Ventis have created a variety of finishes, design details, colors and styles for their inserts, making it easy for you to instantly enhance your home’s décor.

This is why we say that if you love the look of your masonry fireplace, you’ll love it even more with a gorgeous new fireplace insert operating in it.

Real Wood Fires

Wood-burning fireplace inserts give you all the ambiance of real wood fires – from the crackling logs to the hypnotizing flames, and intense heat in the firebox. An added benefit is, your insert will keep on producing heat if local electric and gas utilities go down. No storm is too much for today’s powerful fireplace inserts.

Dedicated Vent System

Inserts require their own venting, which runs up your existing chimney through a liner. We install stainless steel chimney liners that are built to last and perform with ultimate safety and efficiency.

wood-burning fireplace inserts in Belmont NH

Find the Perfect Wood Insert

The Fire N’ Stone showroom at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton, NH, has a variety of wood-burning insert models on display. Come check them out, see how they work and get all your questions answered. We’ll help you select the perfect model for your home.

Include a Fireplace Remodel with Your New Insert

Once the your new fireplace insert is selected, let us give your fireplace that updated new look you have wanted.

At Fire N’ Stone we offer an array of options to make your dream fireplace a reality. From custom stone work and mantels, to stone hearths. You show us a picture and we will make it happen.

Let our highly skilled experience team make your hearth and stone dreams a reality!

Insert Installation


Our installation team brings 10+ years’ experience to every installation project. We’ll set up your new wood insert correctly and in accord with local building and fire-safety codes. When we perform installations, they’re done correctly and safely the first time.

Once installed, we’ll fire up the appliance and show you exactly how to use it. We’ll even clean your wood fireplace insert and maintain it so you can enjoy its comfort and beauty for many years to come.

Fire N’ Stone serves Gilmanton NH, Belmont NH, Loudon NH, Concord NH, and other Lakes Region communities. Speak with a fireplace insert expert today by calling (603) 293-4040.