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Chimney Sweep

Throughout New Hampshire, people rely on certified chimney sweeps to help keep their chimneys clean, safe and working optimally. Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH, provides CSIA-certified chimney cleaning services for all types of chimneys in all types of homes.

CSIA certified chimney sweeps, Laconia New Hampshire

What a Chimney Sweep Does

The name “chimney sweep” has been around a long time, but the work these professionals do is still pretty much the same. The main difference is that today, our sweeps have access to many more tools and specialized equipment for the toughest chimney cleaning jobs.

Chimney sweeping is necessary to remove flammable creosote from your chimney flue and reduce the chance of a major chimney fire. Most fires in chimneys each year begin with ignited creosote, which can form as a sticky, puffy or solid substance.

Every time you use your wood-burning fireplace, some amount of creosote is added to your flue. Burning unseasoned (damp) wood produces excess smoke and therefore more creosote. Incomplete burns due to sluggish drafting also generate more smoke and creosote.

Oil and gas burning central heating systems are most times vented thru your chimney as well. These systems are important to keep us warm and safe in the winter months. When these appliances are vented thru the chimney they are highly corrosive to the chimney and must be swept and inspected yearly to prolong the life of your chimney as well as to ensure your safety by preventing carbon monoxide from coming into your home.

Another important chimney sweep job is the removal of drafting obstructions such as tree debris and the nests of squirrels, birds and other small animals. These obstructions can cause fires to draft poorly and send smoke and deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

If you operate your chimney without a proper chimney cap, we can install one to keep debris out.

Industry-Grade Equipment

A “handyman” with a brush cannot do a thorough job in cleaning your chimney. Our technicians use rotary-powered brushes and rods to zero in on stubborn creosote and make sure it’s removed thoroughly and in a way that doesn’t harm your chimney liner or structure.

We also use special solvents and commercial vacuums as part of the chimney sweeping process. Even more important, we pull from our years of hands-on training and experience as professionals certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Equipment is important, but equipment without knowledge can be dangerous.

When to Clean Your Chimney

We recommend chimney cleaning once a year, under normal circumstances. If your fireplace gets heavy use, cleaning might be necessary more often.

It is also required to have your chimney cleaned and inspected anytime you have a fireplace installation scheduled or experience any type of malfunction or incident.

Our team serves customers year-round, but the best time to arrange chimney sweeping is in the spring and summer when our crew isn’t as busy and can better accommodate your schedule.

chimney sweeps, Gilford NHChimney Sweeping & Inspection

Like chimney cleaning, chimney inspections also should be performed annually. Having both jobs done together will save you time. During cleaning and inspection, we may find early signs of damage to your chimney’s masonry, liner or components. If so, those repairs can be taken care of right away before serious problems occur.

Your chimney inspection will include an examination of all visible areas of your chimney and its components. We can even use specialized video imaging to see down into your flue to check for damage to the liner or other areas. We offer all 3 levels of inspections to suit your needs as they arise.

Schedule Chimney Sweep Service

Give us a call at (603) 293-4040 to learn more about our chimney cleaning services or to schedule an appointment. Wherever you live in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region including Gilmanton NH, Belmont NH, Loudon NH, Concord NH, or any other community, we’re ready when you need us.