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Gas Stoves

More and more homeowners are moving away from fireplaces and toward efficient gas heating stoves that bring reliable heat to the home and can be installed almost anywhere. If you’ve been thinking about a new gas stove, here are some things you’ll want to know.

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Gas Stoves Are Fashionable

Forget about the image of the old-fashioned black pot-bellied stove. Today’s gas heating stoves are designed for elegance and beauty. When you visit the Fire N’ Stone showroom in Tilton, NH, you’ll marvel at the styles, finishes, colors and sizes being offered by the industry’s leading stove manufacturers.

Bringing home a new stove these days is bringing home a decorative appliance that will enhance the cosmetics of any room with style, flair and elegance.

What if the Power Goes Out?

The new models of gas stoves can also be a valuable backup heating source if you lose power. They operate by electronic ignition (pilot is not always on) and come with a battery backup to power the unit on when no power is available. This will help keep you warm and your home safe from freezing even when the power is out.

What about Heat?

When it comes to heating, a gas stove will give you plenty of performance on the coldest New Hampshire days and nights. Models are available that push out 70,000 BTUs and comfortably heat rooms of 2,000 square feet and even larger.

Free-standing stoves cover the gamut of heat ratings and heat performance. When you shop with Fire N’ Stone, our experienced staff will help you select the model that delivers the heat you need.

Ultimate Convenience

Gas stoves from manufacturers such as Napoleon, Regency, Kozy Heat and Solas Fires are built for convenience. A switch or remote immediately gets your fire going and extinguishes it just as fast.

Fire N’ Stone offers gas stove cleaning and repairs. If your gas heating stove is acting up or you need it maintained please call our gas-certified professionals.

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Placement Options

You can place your new gas heating stove exactly where it will give you the most benefit. Venting is accomplished with a vent pipe that conveniently runs through a nearby wall.

No matter which stove model you choose, there’s no need to construct a chimney or perform modifications to your home. It’s a simple appliance, with straightforward installation.

Zone Heating

Many homeowners enjoy adding smaller gas stoves to other rooms in their homes for zone heating. This makes it easy to get the heat you want when you want it.

Kitchens, bedrooms, workshops and even bathrooms are ideal locations for a modern
gas heating stove.

Gas Stove Installation


The Fire N’ Stone installation team is gas-certified and able to install all makes and models of gas heating stoves. We bring more than 10 years of experience to every job to ensure your new stove is installed correctly and safely.

When it’s done, we’ll fire up the appliance and show you everything you need to know about operating and maintaining it.

If it’s time to bring home a powerful new gas heating stove, visit the Fire N’ Stone at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton, NH. You can see many working models in our new 3,400-square-foot showroom, and our helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about any of the units and how they would work in your home.

We serve New Hampshire’s Lakes Region including Holderness NH, Center Harbor NH, Moultonborough NH, Plymouth NH, Concord NH, and other local communities. Contact our gas appliance service technicians by visiting our contact page or calling (603) 293-4040.