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Fire Pits

Many years ago, people used fire in the outdoors to keep warm. Today, we’re warmed by outdoor fires, but we also enjoy a fire’s beauty and luxury, especially when the fire is coming from a custom-built stone fire pit.

Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH, can build you a lovely fire pit to complement your backyard living area. The pit can be any size you desire, and can be fueled by real wood logs or natural gas (or propane).

backyard fire pit in Laconia NH

What Can You Do with A Fire Pit?

You’ve probably seen images (or been there yourself) of campers gathered around the campfire. That’s the basic idea behind fire pits – minus the bugs, strange animal noises and poison ivy.

Fire pits can be built at the center of an entertainment or seating area, so that lively conversations can take place across and through the mesmerizing flames.

A new fire pit also can be situated off to the side of an outdoor dining or recreation area. You can even build several fire pits of different sizes to accent a very large backyard property and draw more attention to the pathways and landscaping.

The bottom line: however you want your fire pit to look and wherever you want it to be built, we’ll exceed all your expectations for service, materials and craftsmanship.

Why People Love Fire Pits

You’ll have your own unique reasons for adding a fire pit to your backyard. Here are some common reasons why other people love these amenities.

  • We think the fire pit adds a real romantic mood
  • I like that it gives off enough light without us having to turn on our electric outdoor lights
  • Our family loves gathering around the fire pit to talk and catch up
  • Our backyard fire pit is the perfect centerpiece for gatherings
  • The kids are marshmallow addicts
  • I give several parties a year, so a fire pit is a must for just the right ambiance

Fuel for Your Fire Pit

No matter the size of your fire pit design, we can build it to run on wood logs or natural gas (or propane). For gas fire pits, we’ll run a gas line to the structure. For either fuel, we’ll ensure that the fire pit is built for reliable safety and performance.

One Contractor Only


custom built fire pits in Franklin NHWhen we build custom fire pits, the only people working on the project will be from our team at Fire N’ Stone. We never subcontract any project or even part of a project to other companies or contractors.

This goes for fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, indoor fireplaces, fireplace surrounds and any custom stonework inside or outside your home. You’ll have a single point of contact throughout any project, and you’ll get your questions answered by an experienced mason who knows your project inside and out.

Beautify Your Backyard with a New Fire Pit

If it’s time to bring a new level of elegance and excitement to your outdoor living spaces, consider a custom-built stone fire pit by the experts at Fire N’ Stone. We’ll go over the many design and materials options with you and help you come up with the perfect arrangement to suit your needs and decorative tastes.

We serve Lakes Region communities including Franklin NH, New Hampton NH, Northfield NH, Meredith NH, and all others.

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