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Custom Stonework

If you’ve ever been in a home that has a striking stone fireplace surround, stone siding or an outdoor kitchen area enhanced with real or faux stone, you know how this material instantly enhances the property and gives it a feeling of grandeur and elegance.

You can do the same with your property, with the help of the experienced masons at Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH.

Where inside or outside of your home would natural or manufactured stonework look fantastic? Our crew can add stone accents of any size or scope, anywhere you desire on your property.

custom stone work for fireplaces in Laconia NH

Why Go with Stone?

We do a lot of spectacular stone projects for our Lakes Region customers, and they all seem to have specific things about this material they especially love. Here are some of the reasons you, too, might consider going with stone.

The aura of stability: People have been using stone as a primary building material probably ever since people learned how to cut and transport it. Stone brings a stable look and feel with a lot of history and nostalgia behind it.

Natural appearance: About the only things as natural as stone are dirt and water. If you enjoy a very real and authentic visual design for your home, stone is as real and authentic as it gets.

Long-lasting: The natural stone we use was here long before any of us arrived, and it will be here long after we’re gone. Powerful stone is virtually indestructible.

No maintenance: Interior stone projects such as wall treatments or fireplace surrounds require zero maintenance. You might want to dust them periodically. Outside stonework may need occasional hosing off, but that’s it.

Unsurpassed beauty: There’s something about a well-built real or manufactured stone fireplace surround or stone-enclosed living space that makes it truly a majestic sight to behold. Living around custom stonework makes everything seem more elegant.

Faster sale of your home: Properties that have been enhanced with decorative stone amenities are quite attractive to a certain segment of homebuyers. You may not get a higher selling price for your home, but it’s very possible you’ll find the right buyer to scoop it up quickly because of the look and feel brought on by the lovely stonework accents.

natural and synthetic stonework, Central Harbor NH

Types of Stone

Fire N’ Stone can build any type of stone indoor or outdoor fireplace on your property using either natural or manufactured stone.

Exceptional natural stone materials produced by top brands such as Stoneyard, Natural Stone Veneer International, Delgado, and many more. The product is 100% natural stone cut to a very thin veneer, making it lighter and much easier to work with while still bringing the same breathtaking result as any type of stone.

Popular varieties of stone for custom work include fieldstone, ledgestone, cobblestone and others, which we can show you. We’ll help you select the best stone and the ideal colors for your specific project.

For synthetic or manufactured stone projects, we’ve had great results with Owens Corning Cultured Stone. It’s a lightweight product that’s easy to customize and comes with a much lower price than natural stone. And it comes from an undisputed leader in the stone industry.

Learn about the benefits of a gorgeous natural or synthetic stone project for your home. Our expert stone masons will work with you every step of the way to produce what you’re dreaming of.


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