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Electric Stoves

If you live in a smaller home or have certain rooms you want to heat that don’t require ultra-powerful fireplaces or stoves, consider an efficient electric stove. You’ll get adjustable warmth along with a surprising level of beauty and elegance.

Electric stove models in Tilton NH

What Is an Electric Heating Stove?

Make sure not to confuse electric stoves with space heaters. Some elements of the technology are similar, but other than that, they’re two completely different appliances.

Electric heating stoves are large appliances with designs just like many of the most popular wood and gas stoves on the market. They even have a firebox – although there is no actual flame. You can see some of the new electric heating appliances we carry in the Fire N’ Stone showroom in Tilton, NH.

Let’s look at some of the advantages you’ll enjoy with a new electric stove.

Electric Stove Design

Leading electric heating stove manufacturers like Dimplex, Napoleon and Kozy Heat build their appliances to be true accents to a home’s décor, not little aluminum boxes with orange coils glowing and rattling, so you’ll be pleased with the ambiance your new stove will give any room!

Today’s electric stoves are made to resemble full-powered gas and wood stove varieties, with lovely finishes and design details. A new aesthetically pleasing electric model stove can instantly become the centerpiece of any room’s décor.

Consistent, Adjustable Heat

With BTU output of 5,000 and higher, many electric stove models are ideal for heating rooms of approximately 400 square feet. This makes them perfect for zone-heating in bedrooms, kitchens and even large bathrooms.

Electric fireplaces have thermostat control and gentle blowers bringing consistent heat into rooms.

Simple Operation

Nothing could be easier than starting and enjoying an electric stove. There’s no fuel to add, no gas lines to inspect, no waiting for wood logs to combust. For the ultimate in quick and efficient heating, you can’t beat an electric free-standing stove.

Lovely Firebox Views

The view inside the firebox is anything but boring. Some models feature “Opti-Myst” technology, which creates a fine mist that looks very similar to real flames when reflected by light. Mirrored panels are also used in select models to bring about the feel of an actual fire.

At the center of the firebox are realistic-looking faux logs, designed with fine details including bark and char patterns. Mirrors strategically positioned give the firebox an even larger appearance.

Easy Installation

While your new electric fireplace resembles a traditional wood or gas stove and brings heat to your room like its authentic cousins, installing the appliance is as easy as installing a coffee maker.

Simply decide where you want to place your stove, and then plug it into a standard outlet. There’s nothing to vent and nothing to configure.  That’s how easy installation is.

Find The Perfect Heating Stove

You can see other types of new stove models in action by visiting the Fire N’ Stone showroom at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton, NH. Our helpful staff will explain the differences between models and can sell and install the perfect new heating stove to meet your heating needs and decorative tastes.

Have questions? A hearth expert is always available during business hours at (603) 293-4040.

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