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Pellet Stoves

A pellet heating stove combines some of the most attractive features of both regular wood stoves and gas-fueled stoves. Getting the stove fired up and keeping it maintained is amazingly simple, and you get real wood fires with the distinctive flames that many people love so much.

Here are some things you’ll want to know about today’s pellet stoves.

Pellet Stove install in Meredith NH

Easy Fuel Loading

Pellets are small chunks of wood-based material that are fed into your stove by an attached hopper, or holder. You fill the hopper, and the stove takes care of adding more fuel to the fire at the rate you prescribe.

There’s none of the mess associated with wood logs (bark strips, wood chips, dust and dirt, possible insects) because the pellets are sold in secure bags that are easy to store. Just fill up the hopper, and you’re good to go.

Powerful Heating Performance

Just because pellets are small compared with big wood logs, don’t think they don’t deliver the heat. Pellet fuel is a highly efficient fuel capable of producing very high levels of heat.

We sell and install pellet fireplace inserts & stoves from top brands such as Regency, Osburn, Ravelli and True North. They can fully heat rooms as large as 2,000 square feet and even larger. You automatically control the heat so your room stays just as comfortable as you want it.

Placement Options

You can place your new pellet heating stove just about anywhere in a room you choose as we can direct vent them thru and exterior wall or ceiling.

You can even vent your stove through an existing chimney.

Smaller Stoves for Smaller Jobs

It’s not uncommon to see pellet stoves used as zone heaters in smaller rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, parlors and bathrooms.

Today’s units come in a wide range of sizes and BTU outputs, making them perfect for heating many rooms throughout your home.

pellet stove install

Unsurpassed Beauty

Along with all their performance aspects, modern pellet stoves bring you something else: beauty and classic good looks.

Pellet stove manufacturers have added a stunning variety of finishes, colors and design styles to their lines. No matter your current home aesthetics, you’ll find a luxurious pellet stove that will perfectly accent your decorative scheme and satisfy your designer tastes.

Pellet Stove Installation


When you’ve decided on the ideal pellet stove model for your home, the Fire N’ Stone installation team will get to work. We bring 10+ years’ experience to every job, and perform all installations safely, correctly and in compliance with local fire-safety and building regulations.

After installation is complete, we’ll get the stove running and offer annual pellet stove cleaning.

If you are in the market for a beautiful new pellet heating stove or if you want to learn more about these appliances, highly regarded for beauty and functionality, visit our 3,400-square-foot showroom at 539 Laconia Rd. in Tilton. Our helpful staff will answer all your questions and help you select the perfect model for your specific heating needs.

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