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Chimney Maintenance in Spring or Summer

Annual chimney cleaning and licensed inspections are important parts of caring for your chimney. While most chimney services companies work year-round, it’s always best to have cleaning and inspections done during the warmer months. Here are four reasons why.

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Easier scheduling of chimney and fireplace maintenance services

Chimney crews tend to get very busy in the weeks leading up to the seriously cold weather. Everybody seems to wait until the last minute to get their chimneys and fireplaces in shape for the burning season. The result is, it’s not as easy to schedule your cleaning or inspection at a time that’s convenient for you.

In the spring and summer, crews have more availability and can more likely accommodate your busy schedule. The best time to arrange for chimney services is right after you are finished using your fireplace for the season.

Plenty of time for repairs

The purpose of a chimney inspection is to spot damage and malfunction as early as possible before it progresses into a dangerous operating situation.

We mentioned that most chimney companies work all year long, but that doesn’t mean that any time of year is the best time for certain types of chimney repairs.

Loose bricks, crumbling masonry, leaky chimney issues, a leaning chimney and other structural problems need to be resolved before firing up your fireplace again in the upcoming winter. Depending on the extent of the repair project, it might be tricky to have the work scheduled right in the middle of the busiest season for chimney technicians.

By arranging for cleaning and inspection in the spring, you should be able to have any necessary repair work done well in time for winter.

Cold weather + mortar compounds = not the best approach

Anyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes in a New Hampshire winter knows that the cold is no joke. Frigid temperatures affect just about everything, including the mortar compounds chimney repair personnel prefer to use when fixing chimney masonry.

Most brands of mortar don’t set up and dry well in very cold temperatures, which can start around here in early October. Repair crews have ways to get around this challenge in emergency situations, but it’s always better to schedule chimney rebuilding, brick replacement, tuckpointing and other structural services when the weather is nice.

There’s also the condition of the roof to consider. It can be dangerous for technicians to be up on ice- or snow-coated rooftops. Crews will manage in emergencies, but warmer weather is much more suitable for on-roof repair projects.

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Get whatever’s in the flue out of the flue

Built-up creosote in your chimney flue can send offensive odors into your home during the hot, humid summer. Certified chimney sweeps have the tools and training to safely remove flammable creosote as well as any drafting obstructions such as tree debris and the nests of small animals.

Creosote removal keeps your flue clean and significantly reduces the chances of a chimney fire. Even small chimney fires, which are unfortunately common, can do gradual damage to your chimney liner, interior masonry and the building materials of your home.

NOTE: You can prevent flue drafting obstructions by having a full-width custom chimney cap installed.

Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH, provides CSIA-certified chimney sweeping, licensed chimney and fireplace inspections and all types of repair work including component repair, leaky chimney resolution and chimney rebuilding.

Call (603) 293-4040 in the spring or summer to make sure your chimney is ready to roll next winter.