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Common Chimney Problems You Should Know

Few people with fireplaces fail to enjoy the warmth and pleasant ambiance created by winter fires. Many, however, forget or don’t know about common chimney problems that may affect them. Sadly, there is proof of this hazardous mistake every winter in the U.S. when about 20,000 blazing house fires are caused by chimney neglect. There are quite a few common chimney problems, and it often requires the help of qualified chimney sweeps to avoid costly or dangerous consequences. Consistent professionalism has been a Fire N Stone hallmark, earning homeowners’ trust in addressing chimney problems in and around Tilton, NH.

Chimney Cleaning, Holderness NHChimney Cleaning is Needed

Combustion gases from fires are supposed to escape the home through the chimney flue, but sometimes the flue is blocked. A common chimney problem that occurs in wood-burning fireplaces is severe creosote buildup. Creosote is a highly flammable byproduct of burning wood. With each fire in the fireplace, more creosote is deposited inside the flue liner. It is important to schedule routine chimney cleaning so that the creosote does not cause flue blockage or, incidentally, a destructive chimney fire.

Missing Chimney Cap

Chimney flue obstructions can also be caused by debris such as leaves, branches, twigs, and birds’ nests. These types of obstructions are often prevented because a chimney cap with mesh has been installed over the flue pipe. Chimney caps are vital accessories that also keep moisture out of the chimney system.

Moisture Intrusion

Enemy Number One to a masonry chimney, moisture is an underlying cause of common chimney problems. A brick containing moisture is destroyed during the freezing and thawing cycles of winter because of the movement that occurs when the water expands and contracts. Various chimney components are designed to help keep out moisture, but each of the protective features is also vulnerable to damage. For example, chimney crowns are susceptible to deterioration due to harsh outdoor elements, yet their function is to keep water from getting between the chimney liner and the masonry exterior.

Chimney Flashing Repair, Moultonborough NHIneffective Chimney Flashing

The purpose of the metal flashing on chimneys is to create a watertight seal between the chimney and the rooftop. Unfortunately, flashing is difficult to install correctly.

A common chimney problem that chimney sweeps everywhere frequently address is improper chimney flashing installation. Even when the flashing is getting the job done starting out, high winds can easily cause it to pull away from the chimney. If the repair of flashing damage is neglected, a homeowner may ultimately face costly chimney masonry damage, extensive roof damage, and a chimney leak.

Be sure to contact us at Fire N’ Stone to help avoid serious repercussions of common chimney problems. We offer all the chimney maintenance services you need to enjoy well-deserved peace of mind when you, your family, and your friends gather around cozy fires in wintry weather. Our well-qualified chimney sweeps can provide chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry repairs, flashing repair, chimney cap installation, fireplace installation, and much more.

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