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Exposing Chimney Noises

Have you ever been enjoying a peaceful night and all of a sudden you hear banging outside? Like a spooky movie, you grab a flashlight and quietly go out. Trying to figure out what the banging noise is. You find that something is hitting your fireplace. Not knowing what it could be you go inside, trying to sleep, but hear the banging all night long.

In frustration the following day you contact Fire N’ Stone to come and inspect your chimney.

chimney sweeps and cleaning in Laconia, NH

There are several reasons that cause noise in your chimney. A loose cap being one of them. You should investigate any unknown noises. You don’t know the extent of the damage until you have a professional like Fire N’ Stone research it.

What Is Causing My Chimney To Be So Noisy?

Buildup Of Creosote

By now we all have heard of creosote. That gooey black, tar-like substance that builds up in your chimney. As the creosote builds up, it starts to block the airway for the heat, toxins, and smoke to escape. This sometimes causes a whistling sound as the air flows past the build-up. You may also experience a crackling sound when you light up your fire due to the build-up.

A call to Fire N’ Stone for your annual chimney sweep will solve this problem.

Nesting Critters

Your chimney is the perfect spot to build a nest, if you are a bird or a small animal. The warmth of the fire and your home is very inviting. Once you have a nest in your chimney, the noise from the animals will start.

Your chimney sweep will be able to clear any debris including nesting animals. To avoid the unwanted visitor in the future you may want to consider a chimney cap.

Exposure To Wind

You may find that your chimney can be noisy on a windy day. As gusts of wind blow over your chimney whistling and howling may be heard. This may be because of the height of your chimney. The wind plays a big role in noise if your house is close to trees or other structures.

You may consider installing a chimney cap or cowl to control the noise from the wind. Ask our technician at Fire N’ Stone when they visit.

Chimney Cap repairs in Laconia NH

Damaged Chimney Cap Or Damper

 If you have a damaged chimney cap or damper there will be a distracting noise. The flapping back and forth from the wind will produce a clatter on your chimney.

Choose Fire N Stone For Your Next Chimney Inspection

Schedule an inspection with Fire N’ Stone and get options that will fit your budget. We work with the highest quality products on the market to ensure reliability, efficiency, and a long lifespan.

Fire N Stone is a full-service chimney specialist. Our technicians are highly trained. We are available to work with your schedule on your time. Call us today at 603–293–4040 to set up an appointment. We are here to help.