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Fall Gas Fireplace Maintenance Tips

The leaves are turning, the kids are back in school, and football is back on the tube, and that means two things — fall is here, and winter is right around the corner. Since Old Man Winter will soon be knocking on your door, fall is the time to get your home heating system ready to send him packing. Here are some tips to get your gas fireplace in battle-ready condition and your family safe.

Turn off the Pilot Light

Before getting into the nitty gritty of conducting proper fireplace maintenance, ensure the pilot light is off, and the system is cooled down sufficiently before doing anything else.

Gas Fireplace Logs, Concord NHClean the Glass

It’s normal for a coating to form on the glass doors after months of using your gas fireplace, so now is the time to remove and clean them thoroughly. Consult your user’s manual about what to clean your glass with, or go to the hardware store and get a product designed specifically for fireplace glass. Using standard household glass cleaners can leave behind residue and cause damage.

Clean the Airflow Inlets & Outlets

Besides cleaning the glass, you should clean the airflow inlets and outlets to remove dirt and debris.

Also, check for obstructions or buildup that could impede airflow, reducing comfort and putting strain on your system.

Inspect the Vent

The fireplace vent can easily become blocked with sticks, leaves, debris, and even critters’ nests, creating a fire hazard and causing carbon monoxide buildup in the home.

Clean the Logs

It’s normal for your gas fireplace’s ceramic logs to get dirty during spring and summer, and while this isn’t dangerous, you may notice a foul odor when you light your fireplace for the first time in winter. You can use a soft, damp cloth to clean the logs or a vacuum with a brush attachment.

Dust the Blower

The fireplace blower is a critical component that circulates the warm air from the fireplace throughout the entire room. If the blower is dirty, you and your family will breathe in dust particles and germs when using your fireplace, so it’s essential to clean the blower for optimum performance and health thoroughly. You can use a bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate attachment.

carbon monoxide detector, Laconia NHTest the Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Homeowners using gas-powered appliances should have reliable carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors.

Since you’ll rely on your gas fireplace for several months to come, you must ensure that your carbon monoxide detectors are in good condition and the batteries are fresh. The average lifespan of a carbon monoxide detector is approximately seven years, and after that, experts recommend replacing them.

Hire a Professional

Most gas fireplace maintenance chores make for good DIY projects; however, it’s recommended to hire a professional to inspect the system after you’ve performed routine cleaning. Professionally trained technicians can detect problems you may not seee — problems that can affect your fireplace’s performance and put your family at risk.

Also, professionals can perform tests that may be beyond the average homeowner, like testing for carbon monoxide leaks, and adjusting the burner for the proper fuel to air mixture so your fireplace provides maximum comfort with greater efficiency. Finally, professionals can spot areas of wear and tear or potential that could be dangerous if you don’t fix them as soon as possible. At Fire N’ Stone, we do it all from frame to finish, and we never subcontract our any of our work. We’re family-owned and operated, and have over 13 years of experience in design, sales, installation, and service.

Our technicians are fully trained and certified for gas fireplace maintenance, and repair. Plus, we provide a full range of fireplace and chimney services and custom stone work. Visit our 3,400 square foot showroom at 539 Laconia Rd., Tilton NH or call us to request an appointment at 603-293-4040.