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A Fireplace Can Benefit Your Home Sale

Most people love fireplaces. According to many sources in the real estate industry, some 50% to 70% of homebuyers actively seek a new home with a working fireplace.

wood burning fireplaces, wolfeboro nhWill a fireplace increase the value of my home?

Depending on your home, your fireplace and many other factors, a well-maintained fireplace could help you justify a higher asking price. Your Realtor can give you details on the increased home value a fireplace may bring.

Regardless of any additional home value however, it’s not advisable to have a new fireplace installed (or an old one upgraded) with an eye to gaining a big return on the investment. But there’s another very important benefit you should consider.

Your home could sell faster

The main benefit of having a good-looking, working fireplace in the home you’re selling is the attraction factor. The very fact your home has a fireplace will draw the attention of many of today’s buyers who place a high priority on their new home having a fireplace.

Most real estate agents provide extensive photo galleries of the homes they represent, and fireplaces always feature prominently in these photo collections. In addition, all MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings have a field for whether or not the featured home has a fireplace because buyers want to know.

With a fireplace to include in photos and descriptions of your home, it’s very likely you’ll attract more buyers, which can lead to a quicker sale. Getting your home off the market as fast as possible is a major benefit to any homeowner.

gas fireplace insert, holderness nhNot all fireplaces are created equal

When we talk about “fireplaces” that are designed to supplement a home’s heating needs, we’re really talking about several different types of appliances. All of the types can be attractive to homebuyers.

  1. Traditional open masonry fireplaces: These are the fireplaces that are usually built when the home is being constructed and feature a large firebox connected to a standard masonry chimney and vent system.
  2. Factory-built fireplaces: Fueled by gas or wood, factory-built fireplaces are highly efficient versions of the standard masonry fireplace. They come ready to install in just about any wall within your home.
  3. Fireplace inserts: A gas or wood insert is pre-made and ready to be placed into an existing masonry fireplace’s firebox. Inserts preserve all the beauty of a custom-built fireplace while adding a lot of extra heat and safety performance.

Making your fireplace attractive for a home sale

Buyers definitely like homes with fireplaces – but those fireplaces must look good and operate safely and efficiently. If you’re planning to sell your home, one of your many tasks should be to schedule a complete fireplace and chimney inspection.

A licensed inspector will look closely at all areas and components that make up the fireplace/chimney system and alert you to damage or malfunction that should be addressed.

A home inspector and/or appraiser will eventually look at the fireplace, but you don’t want these individuals to be the ones who spot problems. Your chimney inspector is the best person to detect issues and then see to the repairs.

Fire N’ Stone of Tilton, NH, specializes in the installation of fine new factory-built gas and wood fireplaces and powerful fireplace inserts that also can run on gas or wood. We provide CSIA-certified chimney sweeping, chimney & fireplace inspections and all chimney repairs and rebuilding work.

If you’re going to sell your home, let us make sure your fireplace is looking fantastic and working at its very best. Speak with an experienced technician today at (603) 293-4040.