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Gas vs Wood for your New Fireplace

Are you shopping for a new fireplace for your home? There are many styles and designs to choose from, but your first decision should be the type of fuel you want to use to power the appliance.

Gas (natural and propane) and wood are the most popular fuels, so let’s look at some specs for each. But first, a little about modern fireplaces.

new gas fireplace, laconia nhGas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are easy to use with either a switch or remote, which gets fires started and stopped immediately and lets you control the unit’s temperature. You’ll appreciate the fast, comforting heat during our cold New Hampshire winters.

Other gas fireplace benefits

High heat efficiency: Gas fireplaces retain far more heat to use in your home than any traditional masonry fireplace, where most of the heat goes right up the chimney.

Very clean: Gas is a clean-burning fuel that leaves only minimal soot and residue that can easily be wiped off. New gas fireplaces comply with stringent EPA requirements.

Beautiful designs: Modern prefab gas fireplaces come in a wide range of exciting styles, colors, finishes and sizes. It won’t be hard to perfectly accent your home’s décor.

Wood fireplaces

Wood is a fuel that’s pretty much always available. You can chop it yourself or buy it locally, already chopped and seasoned and ready to burn. During a power outage, if you’ve got wood, you’ve got heat in your home.

More wood fireplace benefits

Traditional: For many folks, nothing beats a real wood fire with its crackling logs and glowing embers. Different cuts of wood bring different aromatic scents to your home.

Safe: Wood fireplace manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their appliances. As noted, the units can be installed close to home building materials without the risk of fire or damage.

Elegant centerpieces: Prefab wood fireplaces make perfect centerpieces for entertaining and the normal activities of your daily life. Choose from elegant styles to match your decorative tastes.

Prefab fireplaces – gas and wood

Unless you’re planning to have a new full-scale masonry fireplace built in your home, you’re probably considering a factory-built fireplace that comes ready to install. Both gas and wood models are available from top manufacturers.

Prefab fireplaces are ultra-insulated and safe to install very close to walls, flooring and other home building materials. The units can run on either gas or wood.

Both types of fireplaces use their own vent pipe, so there’s no need to build a chimney or make any major structural modifications.

gas fireplace installation, franklin nhFireplace installation

After you’ve selected your perfect fireplace, the next step is to have it professionally installed. Many hearth stores/fireplace retailers provide this service.

Trained technicians understand all the particulars in a new fireplace installation and will set up your appliance in a way that’s safe and in compliance with local building and fire safety codes. It’s never advisable to install your own fireplace unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Following installation, your technician will fire up the unit and walk you through operational steps and give you information on using and maintaining your fireplace.

Get the fireplace you’ve always wanted

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