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5 Ideas for Summer Fireplace Use

Summer is here, and your fireplace is the last thing on your mind. But not so fast! There are many ways you can enjoy your fireplace despite the soaring temperatures, and in this post, we show you our top five.

Gas Burning Fireplace Upgrades in Wolfeboro NHSummer Decorating

Even though you won’t build a fire during summer, the fireplace is still a unique focal point in the room. Why not take advantage of that and show off your decorating skills? Here are some ideas to consider.

Adorn Your Mantle

The mantle is the perfect place to showcase your creativity. Consider adding unique items that reflect the summer season, such as vases filled with summer flowers, a mirror to brighten the room, colorful family photos, knick-knacks, or cherished family heirlooms.

Get Creative With the Firebox

The firebox is often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but it’s another opportunity for you to show off your creative skills. Some ideas include adding candles to add a warm, twinkling ambiance to the living room during those cozy summer evenings, or you can fill it with books or more summer plants.

Turn the Fireplace Into a DIY Project

Thanks to the long daylight hours and warm temperatures, summer is the perfect time to start a DIY project. Consider transforming your fireplace by painting the surrounding area for a fresh look or using stick-on tiles to give it a new aesthetic.

Make it a Reading Nook

Once you clean the fireplace after winter, you can turn it into a reading nook by arranging your comfortable reading chair and shelves to hold the books you want to get through during summer. As mentioned earlier, adding candles and plants can create a peaceful place to lose yourself in a good story for a few hours.

Get Decorative Fire Screens

Just because you’re not building a fire doesn’t mean your hearth has to look bland. One way to spice things up is to get or make decorative screens you can swap between for a new look every few weeks.

Make it Patriotic

Summer means the 4th of July and celebrating America. One way to do that is by decorating your mantle and hearth with a patriotic theme. You could add photos of family members who served to remember their heroism or mount an American flag over the mantle.

Add a Mirror to Reflect Light

Summer is synonymous with long daylight hours, and you can make the most of that by putting a mirror above your fireplace. Adding a mirror will reflect the natural light coming into the house, making the room seem brighter and larger.

Have an Electric Fire

Who says you can’t use your fireplace in summer? Electric fires can take the edge off cool summer evenings, even in warm weather. An electric fire can simulate the relaxing crackling warmth you get from a real fire without the hassle and cleanup involved.

Electric Fireplace Installations in Laconia, NHYour fireplace doesn’t have to take a back seat during summer. With a bit of creativity and effort, it can be a stylish focal point all year round.

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