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How To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter

Winter is coming quickly! That means now is the perfect time to tackle household chores and maintenance, like cleaning your fireplace and preparing it for winter. Here are some tips you can do to ensure your fireplace is ready to go when winter rolls around.

Chimney Sweep Holdnerness, NHRemove the Ashes & Wood Particles

If you rely on your fireplace all winter as a primary heat source, you likely have a buildup of ash and remnants of burnt wood in the firebox. To clean out this material, put down old sheets or blankets to protect your floors and furniture from dust and debris.

You can use a bucket and shovel to remove the ash or a specialized vacuum from your local hardware store or big-box retailer. Also, wear a face mask and goggles to protect your eyes and lungs against floating particles. Once you’ve cleaned out the debris, you can add it to a compost pile or put it in with your regular trash.

Clean the Mantle

Another part of your fireplace that collects a lot of dust and ash is the mantle. Soapy water and a sponge work well in most cases to remove soot stains from the brickwork or rock. However, because bricks and rocks are porous, you may need to use a stiff brush and a little elbow grease to get the area completely clean.

Sweep the Chimney

When you burn firewood, it’s nearly impossible to prevent creosote buildup in the flue. Creosote is a combustion byproduct that builds in the chimney and can cause a host of issues, including poor venting, and it’s one of the primary causes of chimney fires. Now is an excellent time to schedule chimney cleaning from a reputable chimney sweep because these companies get busier as it gets closer to winter, making it difficult to schedule an appointment. It’s best to get it out of the way now, so you won’t have to scramble around later.

When your chimney sweep arrives, it’s also a good idea to ask them to perform a chimney and fireplace inspection while they’re there. A professional inspection allows you to identify potential issues impacting your fireplace’s performance or your family’s safety so you can repair them before winter arrives.

Clean the Glass

Another tip for those who use gas fireplaces is to clean the glass doors. Constant use during winter causes soot on the glass, which requires cleaning. Use a soft cloth with a cleaner designed for fireplace glass, like Stove Bright.

Gas Fireplace Installation Plymouth, NHGas Fireplace Service

Although gas fireplaces don’t burn wood and create ash, soot, and creosote, they still require maintenance every year to keep them performing efficiently and safely. If you have a gas fireplace, it’s wise to call a professional to check the burners, ports, thermocouple, pilot light, and other components for issues that could cause a gas leak or fire.

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