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Chimney Sweep & Inspection in The New Year

A good resolution for the New Year is to cover all of life’s basics and build from there. If you have a fireplace, a basic call of duty may be to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection. “Needy” is a good word to use if you were to humanize chimneys. They get clogged up for various reasons, and they are easily subject to damage caused by moisture intrusion. At Fire N’ Stone, we are happy to come out to provide a chimney cleaning and inspection for the New Year plus more.

Professional Fireplace Sweep and Cleaning in Tilton NHWhy Schedule Chimney Maintenance in Winter?

Any experienced chimney sweep technician can tell you that the best deals are offered when the demand for services has dropped off. Since most people prep their fireplaces in early fall, specials on chimney cleaning services and other perks are often offered for chimney sweeping in the middle of winter.

Chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, flashing repair, chimney liner replacement, and other sweep services can be performed any time of year. You are more likely to schedule a time that is convenient for you if the work is done in winter.

There are ways to provide masonry services in low temperatures, as well, but masonry work is more costly. Extra measures must be taken in cold weather so that the components used in masonry work can set properly.

Is it Dangerous to Neglect Needy Chimneys?

Failing to meet the maintenance needs of a chimney can lead to regret. Routine maintenance and inspections are recommended by safety experts to avoid house fires and exposure to toxic combustion gases, including deadly carbon monoxide.
If you ignore your chimney, you may light a fire not knowing that it is obstructed. As a result, the smoke billows into your home instead of going up and outside through the flue. Even worse, thousands of home fires occur every year because of chimney blockage. If creosote build-up is the problem, there is an increased risk that a hazardous chimney fire will ignite and spread into the home.

Debris such as leaves and tree limbs can also cause chimney fires. This type of problem as well as animals in the chimney can be avoided if you have a chimney cap or a chimney chase cover. It depends on the type of chimney you have, whether you need a chase cover or chimney cap. Chimney flues should be monitored annually because homes and families are endangered when deterioration has occurred. Even the smallest crack in a chimney flue can result in the aforementioned disasters—both home fires and carbon monoxide exposure.

Expert Chimney Inspections in Laconia, NHContact the Chimney Professionals at Fire N’ Stone

For chimney services in central New Hampshire, homeowners and business owners trust the chimney pros at Fire N’ Stone.

We would be happy to help you get the New Year started well with chimney cleaning and chimney inspection services.

Our technicians are certified and fully trained to perform all the services required for needy chimneys. We provide professional fireplace installation, stone masonry work, chimney repairs, and more.

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