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Reduce Fuel Prices With a Wood Stove

Everyone in America is concerned about rising fuel prices. And while most people gripe about how much they’re spending at the pump, they don’t always consider how much it will cost to heat their homes during winter if they’re using gas or oil as a fuel source. This post looks at how installing a stove or insert can give you a high-efficiency heating system that’s less expensive to operate than other fuel types.

How Installing a Stove or Insert Can Save Money

If you’re dissatisfied with your open hearth fireplace or oil-burning furnace, consider installing a stove or insert to take control over your heating bills. Here are a few options to think about.

Wood Stoves Laconia,NH

Wood Stoves

You’ve probably seen old photos of cabins or century homes with a wood stove in the living room because people knew back then that they’re excellent at producing heat from an inexpensive and easy fuel source. Today’s modern wood stoves are more efficient than the ones used in the past. A wood stove you buy today can produce
enough heat for your entire home because it produces up to three times as much heat as a fireplace — heat that doesn’t go up the chimney but remains in the house. Furthermore, certified modern wood stoves produce more heat with less fuel than uncertified models, letting you keep more money in your pocket.

Pellet Stoves

Another stove option available is the pellet stove. Pellet stoves are free-standing like their wood counterparts but burn wood pellets, which produce less ash, and according to energy.gov, “. . . are cleaner burning, more efficient, and powerful enough to heat many average-sized modern homes.” Pellet stoves burn small wood pellets made from recycled sawdust and other wood material, making them renewable and more environmentally friendly than logs. Also, pellets burn cleaner, which means they don’t produce as much creosote and ash that can block your chimney, leading to a fire. Finally, pellet stoves don’t require as much maintenance as a traditional open-hearth fireplace.
Pellet and wood stoves come in various styles and sizes to fit your decorating tastes and heating needs.

Masonry Fireplaces Are Inefficient

You may think, “I don’t have to worry about rising gas or oil prices because I have a wood-burning fireplace.” Wood as a fuel source is less expensive than gas or oil, but did you know that the traditional open hearth fireplace is incredibly inefficient at heating your home? It’s true. When you use your fireplace, up to 90% of the heat produced
goes up the chimney instead of heating your home. So, although wood is cheaper, you may burn more or run your furnace to compensate for the lack of heat, which costs more money.

FIireplace Insert Wolfeboro, NHFireplace Inserts

If you have an open hearth fireplace and don’t want to invest in a stove, you have the option of a pellet insert. As mentioned, while beautiful and cozy, your fireplace is terribly inefficient. Inserts are sealed in the front and draw air in from the outside, allowing the fire to burn hotter for improved heating. Besides heating efficiency, an insert provides improved fuel efficiency compared to a typical fireplace. Because inserts burn wood hotter and slower, you use less wood. You can also opt for a model with a built-in fan to better circulate the heat throughout the room instead of going up the chimney. While a traditional fireplace is only about 10% efficient, an insert can be up to 80% efficient. Finally, fireplace inserts are more environmentally friendly than masonry fireplaces because they burn longer, are cleaner, and heat more efficiently, which reduces the number of toxic gases and smoke that go out into the environment. Like pellet stoves, fireplace inserts come in an array of styles and designs to perfectly fit your decorating style. Whether you’re interested in a stove or fireplace insert, the pros at Fire N’ Stone have you covered. We’re a family-run business that’s been in the industry for over 13 years, offering sales, design, and installation. Please visit our 3,400 square-foot showroom featuring over 60 built-in fireplaces, inserts, and pellet stoves at 539 Laconia Rd, Tilton, NH. Or call us at 603-293-4040 to book an appointment.