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A Fireplace Can Benefit Your Home Sale

Most people love fireplaces. According to many sources in the real estate industry, some 50% to 70% of homebuyers actively Read more

Gas Fireplace Insert As A Heat Producer

Traditional open masonry fireplaces are definitely nostalgic and lovely to look at. However, they’re not the greatest appliances when heat Read more

Restoring Your Historic Chimney

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Putting A Fireplace To Good Use In Summer

When the burning season is over, what do you do with your fireplace and hearth area? Do you do nothing Read more

Chimney Maintenance in Spring or Summer

Annual chimney cleaning and licensed inspections are important parts of caring for your chimney. While most chimney services companies work Read more

Chimney Flashing Damage Can Cause Issues

Chimney flashing is the metal or other durable material that skirts the base of your exterior chimney to prevent water Read more

Cracked Chimney Flues Present Dangers

Your chimney flue or chimney liner is the component inside the brick-and-mortar chimney structure that connects with your fireplace. Prior Read more