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Concord NH Chimney Rebuilding

For more than 10 years, Concord, NH, homeowners have counted on Fire N’ Stone of Tilton to provide chimney rebuilding services for severely damaged chimneys. If your chimney is showing signs of structural damage, getting it fixed correctly will prolong its life and restore safety.

chimney rebuild in Concord NH

The Difference between Basic and Severe Chimney Damage

Lots of things can happen to a chimney structure and its components that cause various types of damage. Minor damage, such as a little crumbling in the mortar joints or a few loose bricks, is common with chimneys in the Concord/Merrimack County area after the structures reach a certain age. Minor water leaks are pretty common as well, particularly if a chimney hasn’t been regularly inspected and serviced.

chimney masonry rebuild in Concord NHMajor chimney damage is a different story. Here, we’re looking at large sections of masonry falling away from the structure or specific compromises that cause the chimney to lean to one side and possibly eventually collapse.

Chimney collapse is always the worst-case scenario that we want to prevent. Our certified chimney repair technicians have seen enough major chimney issues at our Concord customers’ homes to know that they must be prevented at all costs.

A collapsed chimney not only can put people living around it at risk, but it also can cause extensive roof damage, which can lead to water intrusion into the home and result in rotting and mold growth.

Chimney Rebuilding Concord/Merrimack County

After a close inspection, we’ll know exactly what will be necessary to restore safety and functionality to the chimney at your Concord home. Tasks in the rebuilding process might include:


This work involves scraping out areas of decayed mortar and adding a fresh new compound in its place.

Brick Repair/Replacement:

We may need to perform basic brick repair or replace sections of damaged bricks. Water intrusion is a common cause of brick damage.

Chimney Rebuilding – the chimney stack:

When the chimney stack (the part above the roof line) is deteriorated throughout, we can rebuild part of the stack or the entire stack.

Chimney Rebuilding – the chimney breast:

When the chimney breast (the part below the roof) is showing signs of severe structural damage due to seismic events, fires, an improperly built chimney footing or other causes, we can rebuild part or all of it.

How to Avoid Major Chimney Rebuilds

We’re glad we can help our Concord-area customers when their chimneys are damaged and unsafe to use or live around. But the best scenario is never having to do this work in the first place.

certified chimney inspection in Concord NH

Here are six things to prevent long-term extensive damage that may require chimney rebuilding:

  • Schedule annual chimney inspections
  • Schedule annual chimney sweep services if your fireplace burns wood
  • Contact us immediately following a known or suspected chimney fire
  • Have repair work done as soon as problems are spotted
  • Watch for leaky chimney signs such as water in the firebox and white staining
  • Do a basic visual inspection of your chimney structure once or twice a year

All of this is excellent preventative maintenance. However, if your Concord chimney is currently in a bad state of disrepair, call Fire N’ Stone before using it again.

We perform all our own inspections and chimney rebuilding and repair work – we never subcontract any project.

We’re located just north of Concord in Tilton, New Hampshire. Speak with a chimney rebuilding specialist today at (603) 293-4040.