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Laconia NH Chimney Caps and Chase Covers

rusted chase cover repair in Laconia NH
Your chimney cap, flue cap, or chase cover is your chimney’s first defense for keeping rain, snow, pests, and debris out of the flue. So, if it is damaged or missing, please call Fire N’ Stone at (603) 451-1222 to schedule a Chimney Inspection.

Or, if you prefer, you can take the short 20-minute drive down US 3 South (Daniel Webster Hwy.) around Lake Winnisquam to visit our fantastic 3,400-square-foot Showroom in Tilton to consult with a Certified Chimney Service Professional. We are conveniently located at 539 Laconia Rd (NH 11), Tilton, NH 03276.

Flue Cap Repair and Replacement in Laconia, NHWhy You Need a Chimney Cap, Flue Cap, or Chase Top in Laconia NH

When the flue pipe is exposed, it opens the door to a barrage of elements that can damage the chimney. It is much less expensive to replace a rusting or missing flue cap or chase top.

However, with so many different types and styles, it can be challenging for folks in Belknap County and throughout the Lakes Region to determine whether they need a chimney cap, flue cap, or chase top for their traditional masonry or manufactured fireplace.


Flue Cap

While some use the term flue cap and chimney cap interchangeably, they are different components. A flue cap is a simple device that covers the exposed flue pipe to keep rain, snow, and wind out of the flue system. Think of it as a hat or umbrella for the chimney.

There are several styles to choose from flat to pyramid designs. Some flue caps are available with a mesh screen to keep critters, leaves, twigs, and debris from obstructing the flue. While a flue cap covers the flue opening, it doesn’t cover the chimney crown.

“Big Dripper” Chimney Cap and Crown Combo

Since many chimneys in Laconia and New Hampshire have chimneys and flues of varying sizes and dimensions, our unique “Big Dripper” style custom full-width chimney cap offers maximum protection against moisture intrusion, animals, and debris – covering both the flue pipe and crown with one device.

Customized specifically for your chimney, it is the ultimate solution for minimizing masonry repairs, prolonging the lifespan of the flue, and helping avoid a costly crown replacement. The savings alone make Fire N’ Stone’s “Big Dripper” worth the investment.

Chimney Chase Cover Installation and Repair in Laconia, NHChase Top

Many newer homes feature a manufactured fireplace. A chase top, also known as a chase cover or top pan, is designed to protect the flue of a manufactured chimney from moisture, pests, and debris intrusion.

However, we have noticed that many chimneys have a chase top that has surpassed its lifespan.

When that happens, the rusting and cracks around the edges allow moisture to seep inside the flue, which can cause extensive water damage to the chimney liner, damper, firebox, and other internal components.

Where to Buy a New Chimney Cap in Laconia, NH

Fire N’ Stone is your local certified chimney professional for chimney caps, flue caps, and chase tops repair and replacement in Laconia, Belknap County, Lakes Region, and New Hampshire. Please call us at (603) 451-1222 to book an appointment or complete our contact form to consult with a CSIA-Certified Chimney Professional.