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Laconia NH Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

Professional Chimney Sweep in Laconia NH

Did you know that annual chimney cleaning is one of the essential things you can do to keep your Laconia, NH home and family safe during the winter? We use our fireplaces and heating stoves in Belknap County and throughout New Hampshire frequently this time of year. As a result, more creosote, soot, and other debris collect in the chimney, which can become a fire and health hazard without regular chimney cleaning. Therefore, professional chimney cleaning is just as important as having a functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Chimney Sweeping in Laconia, NH

Our certified chimney sweep arrives at your home in Laconia at the scheduled time with all the professional tools, equipment, and supplies to thoroughly clean your chimney. Yes, even if you have a gas fireplace, you need a chimney sweep & cleaning too.

Laconia, NH Chimney Sweep & Cleaning Service

So, before you fire up that fireplace, or wood stove, call us at (603) 451-1222 to schedule an appointment with a certified chimney sweep. Here are the top three reasons why Laconia, NH, area homeowners need annual chimney cleaning:

Removing Flammable Creosote

The glowing flames and the fresh scent of burning wood in the fireplace or wood stove give your home that warm and inviting feeling on a cold winter’s day in Laconia. However, something else is brewing in the flue when you’re burning wood.

It’s called creosote, and it can be hazardous without periodic chimney sweeping. Creosote is one of the many naturally occurring contaminants produced during combustion. It sticks to the flue liner, damper, walls, and other flue areas as the exhaust vents out the chimney. Although it initially begins as a benign ash-colored powder, it hardens into a dark, tarry, highly flammable crusty material. When stage three hardened or glazed creosote is not removed, a spark from a hot ember or even a lightning strike can start a chimney fire.

Our CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep professionals use specialized tools and equipment to remove flammable creosote in the chimney.

Clearing Flue Obstructions

The flue provides a safe pathway for the smoke and fumes to be expelled from your home so you can enjoy your heating appliance safely. However, Laconia’s proximity to Lake Winnisquam, Lake Winnipesaukee, and other waterways is in the migration path of many small birds that like to rest on rooftops and chimneys after a long flight.

Expert Chimney Cleaning in Laconia, NH

Also, raccoons, squirrels, mice, and other pests living in the neighborhood can climb into your chimney. In addition to animal nests, leaves, twigs, and debris can also land in your flue, resulting in a dangerous flue obstruction. When the vent is clogged, the chimney can’t expel smoke, carbon monoxide, and other harmful contaminants efficiently. It can get to the point where the draft reverses, filling your home with smoke, soot, and toxic carbon monoxide gas.

Chimney cleaning and chimney repairs are best left to the professionals at Fire N’ Stone in Laconia, NH, especially when animals are in the chimney. Without proper protection, their sharp claws or teeth can puncture the skin, which can be a health hazard if they are a carrier of disease or bacteria.

Eliminate Foul Odors

Have you noticed an odor around your house that appears to get stronger as you get closer to the fireplace? When the chimney has creosote build-up, animal droppings, leaves, and debris, the rotting organic matter can create a terrible stench in your home.

The foul odor not only attracts more pests but is also a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria that can harm your health.

Fire N’ Stone Chimney Sweep in Laconia, NH

Take the first step to a cleaner, fresher, and safer home. Call Fire N’ Stone at (603) 451-1222 to schedule an appointment with a certified chimney sweep to clean your chimney.

We proudly serve customers in Laconia and surrounding Belknap County, NH, communities.